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Law Enforcement/Military Training
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T.R.A.C.S. Tactical Rapid Action Combat System is a unique system that will change the way you think about combat by simplifying all concepts and techniques.

Our T.R.A.C.S. also known as the 5 Concepts of Defensive Tactics (5 CDT) model is based on my collective training and experiences within the Martial Arts and as a US Marine Corps Instructor Trainer (Master). Where I designed a program that integrates with the existing Programs of Tactical Training and Procedures of Law Enforcement Agencies. Therefore, 5 CDT encourages students to utilize techniques in combination with what they have previously learned. Most of all, 5 CDT is a concept designed to enhance defensive or tactical techniques and skills for Law Enforcement, Military. Therefore this system can be learned in a short time. Since 5 CDT deals with the most dangerous portion of law enforcement procedures, the taking control and custody of another human being, this program is designed to help get the job done with minimum risk. In utilizing the 5 CDT Fighting System, neither tremendous speed nor strength is required. 5 CDT relies on more than position for an advantage. While Our 5 CDT Program is slanted towards law enforcement training, the basic configuration also lends itself to military Special Operations Forces Applications as well as Paramilitary training. This has led to the formation of Defensive Combat Applications Group. We created the latest development in the practical application of martial arts, in this case, Traditional Wing Chun, for use in training procedures and programs for Special Warfare and Special Reaction Teams. The majority of DCA Groups programs are geared toward training-the-trainers, which are modeled after the Domestic Preparedness Training Initiative, which focuses specifically on the enhancement of crisis management capabilities for groups and organizations responding to criminal and/or terrorist activities. Check this out and see how we can improve confidence and skills within any static and dynamic environment. Through these techniques you can improve your speed and accuracy while drawing your handgun during the stress of combat.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety and the Minnesota POST Board have both evaluated and approved this course for continuing education credits to maintain licensure as a Police Officer in the state of Minnesota.

MN POST Credits: 8 credits

Course Duration: 8 hours held usually on Saturday mornings.

Course Location: at our facility or yours.

* Last hour of the course is held at Gander Mountain Lakeville Digital Simulation Shooter.

9915 Lyndale Ave S
Bloomington, MN 55420
(952) 224-6870 
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