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Defensive Combat Applications Group


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Defensive Combat Handgun Retention and Deployment Skills

Learn Defensive Combat Handgun skills to improve your Handgun Deployment or Retention skills. You will also learn the Focus Shooting method (Point Shooting).
Handgun Training Program
(can only start after student level 1 has been completed)
1. Handgun Skills Level 1: Here you will learn the techniques of defensive and offensive combat handgun skills. Focus Shooting Techniques (Point Shooting), Holster Retention, and Handgun Deployment, Combat Reload, Proper Footwork, Concealment skills.                                                                                             
2. Handgun Skills Level 2: Here you will build upon the previous level by learning Advanced Combat skills like Fields of Fire, Evasive Manuevers, Building Entry, Cornering, Room Entry and Clearing, Engaging Multiple Attackers, Nighttime Firing, Etc. 

Q: Why do I need these courses?
A: Because not everyone gets to go through Army Delta, Navy Seal, Marine Recon training where some of these skills are learned once they enter into the training pipeline. Now you have the opportunity to get advanced training in Martial Arts and Weapons unlike anywhere else in the world. Be among the finest highly trained Martial Artist, Solidier, Law Enforcement, Civilian in the world with top of the line training.

Private One on One: $ 600 for 8 (eight) hours (In-Home)
Group: Seminar
$ 100 per person (10 person Minimum)
$ 1000 for 8 hour seminar Large Group or Agency
Contact me for any possible package deals.

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