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Defensive Combat Applications Group

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About Sifu

Sifu Wade Holmgren: Chow Yun Su

My Martial Arts Background

Sifu began training within the martial arts at the age of 14. He studied Karate quickly realizing it wasn't for him and started his search for the system that suited him best. It was during this time when he met Master Wong while eating at a Chinese Restaurant in the Twin Cities. Sifu was introduced to the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu, from Master Wong and learned the foundations of the Yip Man Hong Kong style of Wing Chun as was taught to Bruce Lee.
Shortly after his training, Sifu left for the Marine Corps . While in the Marines he met  Master Tony Lee and  was introduced to Sifu's prefered system of Wing Chun from the Hung Fa Yi lineage. Sifu finished out the system gaining understanding of both the Yip Man Hong Kong lineage and the Hung Fa Yi lineage(Red Boat Opera). This remains Sifu's chosen style and lineage to teach, but Sifu is capable to teach the concepts of both. While stationed at Camp Pendleton, Sifu was TAD to the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit Special Operations Capable in the Battalion Landing Teams where he learned the CQB skills and principles of: Urban Warfare (MOUT):
1) Planning
2) Element of Suprise
3) Method of Entry
4) Speed and Efficiency
5) Violence of Action and Direct Assaults
He has taken this training and blended it together to become one cohesive program that utilizes both systems based on his training and experiences.

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