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-Ryan Voss: A Graduate from St Olaf College. He has studied a few other martial arts in addition to Wing Chun. He is now currently working towards completing the system to become an Instructor within the DCA Group.
-Ernst Fiala.  A student  at St. Olaf College.  Sociology and Asian Studies majors. Martial Arts Experience:  Studied Wing Chun at St. Olaf for over 2 years.  I study Wing Chun because I am very interested in the Martial Arts.  I have looked at several other styles, but Wing Chun seems to be the right one for me.  My goals from taking Wing Chun are to earn my black sash, I'd like to be able to use what I have learned to defend myself and others, and I want to be able to pass what I have learned on.
-Mark Traynham. Junior at St. Olaf, from Eden Prairie. Biology Major/Pre-Med. Karate through gold belt when I was about 7, few months of Aikido before my freshman year at Olaf, Wing Chun Kung Fu at Olaf from freshman year to current. Wing Chun makes use of physics and human physiology to make an effective, logical martial art.
-James Philson. Senior at St.Olaf College. Biology and Philosophy major. Martial Arts Experience:Kokikai Aikido for 3 years, Wing Chun-3rd year. I see it as an extreemly effective martial art system.  Although it isn't flashy, it is beautiful. I am also apprechiating this unique view of Chi/Ki as compaired with Aikido.
-Nick Kosack. Sophomore at St. Olaf College. I've had a little training in karate from my father but most of my experience comes from Kung Fu at St. Olaf.  This is my second year in the kung fu program and my first in tai chi.  Before joining the group here, I knew nothing about kung fu, especially wing chun.  After taking it for a year I have come to appreciate the philosophy behind the main concepts of the system in more than just terms of martial arts.  Concentration, fluidity and flexibility, path of least resistance, and economy of motion can be applied to more than just a punch.  In other words, it is a gracefully effective style that goes hand in hand with graceful and effective living.  

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