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Defensive Combat Applications Group

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Are you looking for the most Advanced in Self Defense or Combat Tactics? Do you want whats best for yourself or loved ones? Do you want to make sure you are getting the best your money can buy? Well then you have found the right place. Wing Chun is a highly evolved system of Defense that has proven itself throughout history as one of the most sought after systems of training.

We are the only Martial Art system out there that will also teach you how to incorporate the Defensive Use of Pistol or Riffle/ShotGun. You can learn Basic/Primary/Advanced weapon retention and deployment skills that are used by Elite Forces from all over the world. Wing Chun Offers all these skills which are innately built within the system, That is what makes us unique because what you learn in empty hand is the same techniques and skills you will employ with any weapon as an extension of your hands. I recommend that you first go through some time learning the Wing Chun system to develop the muscle memory and proper techniques. Then you will continue to build up upon them as you progress through each phaze.

Get what the FBI, and many World Law Enforcement Agencies and Militarys have been wanting for their employees, they did there research because they were searching for the most effective style to prepare their personnel with the skills to survive close quarters combat. This is what has been chosen as the elite system of defense for many world Government personnel, they are all converting to Wing Chun as the foundation for there techniques. Even Krav Maga is very similar to Wing Chun. Do your research and you will understand. Join the Defensive Combat Applications Group.

The only other place you can get this kind of training is to join the military and pass selection into a Special Forces Group like Delta Force or Navy Seals and then go through their training pipeline which takes several years once they have become an Team Operator.

All Martial Arts have the same benefits whether its Fitness, Flexibility, Confidence or Discipline, you name it all Martial arts provide the same benefits, but what seperates them all is the path and concepts they use. We are completely different because our system is so unique that you first learn the foundation techniques and skills and then you can immediately take those techniques with you when you pick up just about any improvised or traditional weapon.  So why spend all your time learning something else that will not be the most practical when you can spend that same amount of time learning something that will prepare you for any crisis. Every person is looking for the smartest and most time efficient way to get the task at hand completed, so why not do the same when you study a Martial Art or Self-Defense system? Why study 5+ years to become proficient with a single martial art and only be competent in only 1-2 weapon platforms, when you can take half the time to reach a higher level of skill and confidence with many weapons wether its your hands, knife, baton/stick, machete, axe/hatchet, club, Improvised Weapon, Handgun, Stungun, or Riffle.
Q: What other Martial Arts system can teach you all of this under one program?
A: Military Special Forces have a similar program. Only ours can offer you what Military Special Forces groups around the world offer to their solidiers.
So why take the long road, lets be smart and become as efficient as possible with the options only we can provide.

Skills we develop:
Long Range (Kicking and Weapons)
Mid Range (Punching and Kicking)
Close Range (Grappling and Throwing)
Traditional Weapons
Improvised Weapons 
Basic Handgun
Defensive Handgun
Advanced Handgun
Basic Riffle Marksmanship
Primary Riffle Marksmanship
Advanced Riffle Marksmanship
Most schools only cover one or two ranges and really specialize in usually one. But if you are inadequately prepared for all scenarios, then you will fall short. All martial arts are great, but they usually need to be strengthened by cross training, but why spend 5-10 years in every art, when the founders of the martial arts did us a great favor and created an all encompassing martial art that teaches all the ranges and most highly efficient tactics of all the worlds martial arts, and combines them all into one highly evolved martial art. Hey they did the work for us and got rid of all the useless stuff to save us time which everyone wants more of.

Feel free to contact me find out how you can begin training.
(952) 224-6870

9915 Lyndale Ave S
Bloomington, MN 55420
(952) 224-6870 
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